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Why the two sides of the refrigerator will get hot?
There are radiation pipe inside the two sides of the refrigerator for heat dissipation, temperature will rise (May rise to around 55°C), it is normal.

Why there is a sudden opening of other doors when closing door?
This is to release the excess air which force into the refrigerator when closing door.

Why moisture forms outside of the refrigerator?
Sometimes moisture may form outside of the refrigerator, particularly when humidity is high, such as during the rainy season. This is just the same as moisture forming on a glass which contains cold water. If moisture forms on the refrigerator, just wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Why moisture forms inside of the refrigerator?
If the door open and close too frequent, open for a long time, or there is wet food which is not covered, moisture may forms inside the refrigerator. When there is moisture forms inside the refrigerator, wipe with a dry cloth.

Why the door is hard to open?
The refrigerator is rather hard to re-open if just after it was closed because the fresh air inside the refrigerator is cool down and the air pressure is low compare to outside of the refrigerator, so the door is temporary hard to open. It will be back to normal in a short time.

Why gurgling and fizzing sound come out from the refrigerator?
This is the sound of flowing fluid (refrigerant) in pipes.


Does washer installation include re-location of water tap ?
Relocation of water tap is not included in washer installation, please re-locate the water tap by your own.

There is noie during the spin process, is there any problem of the washer ?
Since the spin speed is quite high during spin process, if the cloth inside the washer is not balance then there will be vibration and nosie is generated. This is no a problem of the washer.

General FAQ

How to pay the service fee ?
Service fee can be paid by the following ways:
i) By cash after service
ii) By credit card after service.

How to purchase spare parts?
i) Purchase at our Tsuen Wan Parts Center or Fotan Station (Booking is needed),
ii) Delivery service arranged by our Parts Center.
(Please contact Parts Center for delivery charge, delivery time and area etc.)