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● Washing Capacity: 11.0kg
● Spin Speed: 770rpm
● Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB): An invisibly nano-sized air bubble gathers detergents on its surface and deeply penetrate through fiber gap which effectively remove the stains from the fibers, results in superior cleaning.
● DD Inverter: Quiet, Energy Saving & Precise Control.
● Star Crystal Drum -Huge stainless steel drum creates washboard kneading wash effect without damaging the clothes.
● Powerful Pulsator: 1170 holes scattered on Six 3D blades allows 50L/min of water get through the holes which stir & remove stubborn stain on the fibers effectively.
● Hydro Twin Power: Stronger water calculation is generated by the devices to deeper detergent penetration into clothes, hence increase the cleanness.
● 9 Wash Courses: Regular, Soak, Heavy Wash, Memory, Delicate, Blanket, Fragrance, Speed, Tub Clean
● Dual Cassette Lint Filters
● Water Flow Power (Gentle/Middle/Strong)
● Tub Clean: Prevent smell or the problem of water draining by removing the dirt of the starch from the tub
● Tub Dry: Using air in-taking to remove the moisture of the tub to prevent mildew
● Auto Power off : the washer will automatically turn off after 15 seconds of the washing process finished to achieve the energy-saving
● Zero Standby Electricity
● Resume Function
● Linear Water Level (19L-72L)
● Child Proof Mode & Lid Lock
● Preset Timer (1-24hours)
● Chinese & English Control Panel Display

Washing Capacity (kg) 11
Spin Speed (rpm) 770
Water level (Liter) 19-72
Standard Water Consumption (Liter) 190
Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB)
Inverter DD
Super Spin Dry Circular Intake
Stainless Steel Washing Tub Star Crystal Drum
Wash Course 9 Wash Courses: Regular / Soak / Heavy Wash / Memory / Delicate / Blanket / Fragrance / Speed / Tub Clean
Tub Cleaning ● (Tub Wash & Tub Dry)
Condensed Wash Condensed Bubble
Lint Filter Dual Cassette
Zero Standby Power
Auto Resume Function
Child Proof
Lid Lock
Hybrid Pulsator Powerful
Preset Timer (Hrs) 1-24 Hours
Fuzzy Logic Control
Detergent Indicator
See-through Lid ● (Glass Lid)
Net Dimension (WxDxH)mm 605 x 625 x 1030
Overall Dimension (WxDxH)mm 630 x 675 x 1030
Power Consumption (W) 700 (Wash) / 115 (Spin)
Net Weight (kg) 52
Body Color Dark Sliver
Lid Color Dark Grey
Country of Origin Thailand

*Overall Dimension includes door frame, knob and the curving part of the front panel.
The photos and product shots are for reference only.
Specification and details are subjected to change without prior notice.