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Functions 1. 3 Pure Steam Modes:
    M Steam (35-100°C, 2hours)
   – Standard Steam for Meat, Egg & Dim Sum
    H Steam (100°C, 1hour)
   – Large Power Steam for Seafood, Vegetable & Frozen Food
    L Steam (35-100°C, 5hours)
   – Mild Power for Long-time Steam & Slow Cook
2. Convection (100-230°C, 2hours)
   – For Baking, Roasting & Oil-Free Frying
3. Combi. (Convection with Steam) (190-230°C, 2hours)
   – To Release Oil & Salt From Food & Reduce Calories Intake#, Less Loss of Vitamin C* & Chlorophyll in Vegetables#
4. Ferment. (30-45°C, 24 Hours)
   – Fermentation for Dough & Yogurt
Water Tank(L)1.2
Auto Menu23
Cleaning ModesTableware Cleaning, Cavity Cleaning & Cavity Deodorization
Coating of Cavity304 Stainless Steel Cavity
Hidden Heater
Touch & Dial Panel
AccessoriesSteam Tray, Baking Tray & Cook Book
Cooking Power (W)Steam 1800-1950 / Convection 1300-1380 / Combi. 1900-2020
Outside Dimensions (WxDxH)mm410 x 420 x 340
Cavity Dimensions (WxDxH)mm350 x 300 x 200
Installation DimensionsLeft, Right & Rear: 100mm; Upper: Open Space

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