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4mm Thick Non-stick Inner Pot Rice Cooker (0.54L)

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● Capacity: 0.54L (For 1~3 persons)
● LCD Panel with Built-in Clock function
● Finish-up Timer (can be adjusted in Hour and in Minute, and the maximum preset timer is 14 hours)
● 4mm Thick Non-Stick Inner Pot
● White Rice, Mixed Rice, Quick Cook / Steam, Congee, Fermentation, Baking / Soup, Boiling Egg (Soft), Warming Soup
● Keep Warm Function (max. 12 hours)
● Dew Proof Heater Lid
● Removable Steampot for Easy Cleaning
● Color: White(WT) / Black (K)

Non-Stick Inner Pot4mm Thick
LCD Panel with Built-in Clock function
Finish-up Timer●(max. up to 14 hours)
FunctionWhite Rice, Mixed Rice, Congee, Quick Cook/Steam, Fermentation, Baking/Soup, Boiling Egg & Warming Soup
Removable Steampot for Easy Wash
Dew Proof Heater Lid
Keep Warm Function●(max. up to 12 hours)
Power ConsumptionCook 350W / Keep Warm 62W
Dimensions (WxDxH)mm223 x 269 x 195
ColorWhite(WT) / Black (K)
Country of OriginThailand

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