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Low Sugar Healthy IH Rice Cooker (1L)
Bincho Charcoal Thick Pot
Retail Price HK$1,388

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● Capacity: 1 Litres
(White Rice: 5.5 Cups/ Healthy Rice: 2 Cups)
● Healthy Rice Cooking Menu: Reduce Carbohydrate in Rice Effectively
i. Reduce 35% of reducing sugar *in rice which is easily to be absorbed
ii. Increase 58% of resistant starch *in rice which is difficult to be absorbed
● Bincho Charcoal Thick Pot: 3mm Thick & 7 Layers
● Non-Stick Japan Bincho Charcoal Coating: Enhanced Heat Transfer, Easy Clean & Durable
● 7 Rice Cooking Modes: Healthy Rice, White Rice, Mixed Rice, Brown Rice, Gaba Brown, Quick Cook & Congee
● 2 Cooking Menu: Steam & Soup
● 12 Hours Keep Warm Function & 24 Hours Finish-Up Timers
● Detachable Inner Lid & Steam Vent For Easy Cleaning
● Smart Touch Panel & Back Light LCD Panel with Built-in Clock function
● Colour: Black

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Capacity 1.0L
LCD Panel with Built-in Clock function
Finish-up Timer Can be adjusted in Hour and in Minute, and the maximum preset timer is 24 hours
Thick Non-Stick Inner Pot Bincho Charcoal Thick Pot
Cooking Menu for different rice types 5 Types
Courses 7 Courses
Special Cooking Menu Steam / Soup
Detachable Inner Lid
Power Consumption (W) Cook 1000W / Keep Warm 20W
Dimensions (WxDxH)mm 242 x 315 x 220
Color Black

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