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Front Loading Inverter Washing Machine (8.5Kg)
Retail Price HK$5,180

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● THE GREATWAVES: Ultra clean, Great saving, Better color protecting. The innovative technology by Toshiba will bring you the best laundry experience ever
● Flush Wave: The rotation speed will adjust intelligently which generates strong and dynamic water flow. Together with the S-type paddle which comes with up to 132 water holes, the suborn stain on the clothes can be easily broken down
● Crystal Inner Drum: Up to 2196 Hexagon shaped vents are scattered evenly on the inner drum which effectively increase the water penetration of the fibers
● CycloneMix: An impeller in the dispenser effectively increases the detergent dissolution by 19%
● Real INVERTER: Save more energy and quieter than traditional motor
● ColorAlive: Washing clothes with cold water remarkably protects the color of the clothes by decrease 39% of color fading
● 12 Washing Programs: Bedlinen, Spin Only, Color Care, Mix, Anti-Allergy, 12' Quick, Cotton, Cotton ECO, Wash 45', Drum Clean, Memory, Wool
● 12' Quick Wash: Suitable for washing few clothes with only 12 minutes
● Soil Level: 3 levels of soil level, from light to extra. The washing time will adjust automatically
● 488mm Wide Door: A large and wide door makes putting clothes easier and quicker
● Anti-bacterial Gasket
● Prewash
● Fast Wash
● Child Lock
● Auto Power Off
● Reload
● Grade 1 Energy Label
● Woolmark (Black)
● UK Allergy
● Chinese & English Control Panel
● 2 year warranty (10 year Inverter motor warranty)
● Made in Thailand

Washing Capacity (kg) 8.5
Spin Speed (rpm) 600-1400
Water Temperature Cold; 20-90℃
Cold Wash
Flush Wave
Crystal Inner Drum
Cyclone Mix
Wash Course 12
Drum Clean
S-Shape Paddle
Child Proof
Soil Level
Preset Timer (Hrs) 0-24
Woolmark Black
UK Allergy
Net Dimension (WxDxH) mm 595*580*850
Overall Dimension (WxDxH) mm 595*615*850
Energy Labelling Scheme Grade 1
Net Weight (kg) 68
Body Color White
Door Color Black
Origin Thailand

*Overall Dimension includes door frame, knob and the curving part of the front panel.
The photos and product shots are for reference only.
Design and specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.